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Nootropics Your New Secret Weapon

Nootropics are the most exciting new supplement of our time. If you’ve never tried nootropics, then prepare to have your mind blown. Mind Bundle features our incredible Nootropic blend alongside a handpicked squad of brain health supplements. Nootropic is an advanced blend of herbs, plants, and adaptogens which work with the brain’s structure to help you get focused and productive. If you’ve never tried a nootropic, make it this one. It’s a central product in the Mind Bundle.

  • Optimises mental focus and performance
  • Increases motivation and mental endurance
  • Encourages deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Improves mood, memory, and brain power
  • Boosts energy levels

Ready For Battle With The Brain-Boosting Power Of Better Sleep

Good quality sleep leaves you feeling up for any mission. But it’s much more important than that. When you consistently get 7+ hours a night, you’re healthier. You can train harder, build more muscle, lose more fat and avoid more of your biggest food enemies. You want to perform at your best. So start with sleep. Mind Bundle features our popular Sleep Aid product, a combination of minerals that help you be your best self, every day.

Mental Reinforcements For Work, Study & Training

Battle Ready Fuel Mind Bundle is a carefully chosen bundle of our best products for optimising mental performance. But unlike some supplements, ours won’t just help during training. They also support your mental focus, clarity and decision-making ability in everyday life. Start by nourishing your body with omega-3 fatty acids (crucial for brain health), vitamins and minerals. Then harness the incredible power of natural nootropic adaptogens to supercharge your brain power. Finally, sleep well with Sleep Aid, so your brain can strengthen all those new connections to be stronger, sharper and more resilient.

Products In The Bundle

battle ready fuel product

Nootropics Stack

Ever tried forcing your body to do something when your mind wasn’t in it? Make no mistake; the brain is the most powerful part of the body. Everything is easier when your brain is on side. Get yours fired up, focused and ready for action. Nootropics Stack is a blend of powerful plants - known as adaptogens - which help you avoid distractions, focus clearly and get the job done. Our cutting-edge natural nootropic blend contains 11 ingredients. Ensure your brain is battle ready every day.

  • Better brain power, memory, and concentration
  • Boost mental focus at work and in training
  • Increased mental energy and clarity

Recommended Use: Take 2 capsules with breakfast each morning. If you have a higher tolerance to Nootropics Stack, you can increase your dosage to 3 or 4 capsules per day. Do not exceed 4 capsules per day.

battle ready fuel product

Sleep Aid

Unless you get enough restful sleep every night, your mind will struggle to stay sharp. We all know the sluggish feeling that follows a miserable night’s sleep. You can’t fight your biggest battles feeling that way. Support your brain from the inside out with this blend of minerals known to encourage great sleep. Sleep Aid is a blend of natural ingredients which help you wind down, sleep deeply and wake up ready to take on the next mission.

  • Enjoy better mood and motivation
  • Strengthens immune system function
  • Increases physical and mental performance

Recommended Use: Take 2 tablets per day.

battle ready fuel product


Your mission is to optimise your daily diet for peak mental performance all year round. We’ve got your six. Our daily Multivitamins make it simple to cover your bases without the hassle of any extra food. Our Multivitamins have been specially designed for active, hard-working minds and bodies, to support immune function, boost energy levels and help you perform at your best. Be battle ready at work, home and in the gym with Battle Ready Fuel.

  • 12 vitamins (including biotin)
  • 13 minerals (including manganese, molybdenum, and vanadium)
  • All-round wellness support for active bodies

Recommended Use: Take one capsule daily with food or drink.

battle ready fuel product

Fish Oil

Your brain health overwatch omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in supporting brain health, especially memory and mood. But you’d need to eat a lot of oily fish to get enough from your diet. Fish Oils are a simple way to get all the omega-3 fats you need on a daily basis without adding in the expense (and calories) of oily fish like salmon. Our Fish Oils offer the best balance of EPA and DHA fatty acids for excellent brain support.

  • Improves mood, memory, and cognitive performance
  • Decreases harmful inflammation
  • Supports healthy hormone balance

Recommended Use: Take three softgels daily with food or a drink.

Love It, Or Your Money Back

The Battle Ready Fuel family choose our products because they want a healthier, stronger, fitter body - and they trust us to deliver on our promises. We’re sure you’ll love our Mind Bundle. But we want you to be confident in every purchase from Battle Ready Fuel. So here’s our 60-day guarantee. If the Mind Bundle doesn’t live up to our promises, and you don’t enjoy better mental clarity and focus, return any unused product in its original packaging within 67 days of receiving your order. We’ll issue a full refund, excluding any shipping charges.


What ingredients are in each product in this bundle?

Fish Oil Fish Oil Multivitamins Multivitamins Nootropics Nootropics Sleep Aid Sleep Aid

Does the Mind Bundle include stimulants like caffeine?

Nootropics Stack doesn’t contain caffeine, but some of the ingredients (i.e. Ginseng) can have a mild stimulant effect on some people. However, Mind Bundle is not designed to act as a stimulant. If in doubt, we encourage you to research the individual ingredients in Nootropics Stack.

Are nootropics totally safe and natural?

Yes. The nootropics in Nootropics Stack are 100% natural, sourced from plants and herbs. They are potent and have a powerful effect that you will notice, but it is all natural.

Is Mind Bundle vegan and vegetarian friendly?

No, the Fish Oils contain animal products and Nootropics Stack is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Should I take these products every day?

Fish Oils, Sleep Aid, and Multivitamins are designed to be taken every day so your body can maximise the benefits. You may choose to take Nootropics Stack when you have a particular task to complete at work, study, or in the gym.

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